How fabulous is this Frederick's of Hollywood 1968 advertising campaign! 

'FANNY FALSIES. Slip these removable Polyester hi-rise pads in the secret fanny pockets...and he'll think every curveable inch is really, truly you! What a young and yummy uplift! Nylon Tricot Panty Girdle is wonderfully lightweight and airy cool...Lycra Spandex front panel tucks in your tummy. Black or white. Sizes: Small, Medium or Large. $7.99'

I posted this image on my Twitter and Facebook pages yesterday and was inundated with people telling me it was the funniest vintage advert they had ever seen and could they buy it from me (no, I just happened to find it online).

The comedy value is of course in the illustrations of large, curvaceous bottoms and the fact that Americans use the word 'fanny' for their derrieres whereas of course we use the word for a different part of our anatomy...anyway, you get the picture!

From a social history perspective I was interested to note that the advert specifically mentioned the material of the products: 'Nylon Tricot' and 'Lycra Spandex' and this is because these were recently invented materials. Prior to the nvention of synthetic fabrics everything came in cotton or wool (including underwear) whereas this new generation of fabrics meant that undies and clothing became that much more interesting, longer-lasting and stretchier. Always handy to have stretch when it comes to pants...

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Love Lovely x