Me and my fabulous Twitter buddy @BigFashionista were Tweeting away to each other about PR invites to garden and tea parties when she commented that they conjure up images of summer for her. This got me thinking about exactly what does summer mean to us? When we think of the long hot (were they really hot?) summers of childhood what first springs to mind?

I tend to think of summers past being about drinking homemade lemonade, having ice cream in a cornet from a van, adoring my Space Hopper and splashing around in a bright orange paddling pool with my little brother S. 

So, I asked my Twitter followers (I am @LovelysVintage and @lovelyislovely1) for memories of their #retrosummer - here are their personal responses (you can also click on each Twitter name to see their Twitter accounts).

Kellie Hill @BigFashionista Garden parties and tea parties always make me think of summer. And wasps.       

Belle Amie Vintage @forever_vintage Screaming through sprinklers, flapping sandals, sparkling windmills, donkey rides, swing boats, merry-go-rounds #retrosummer

Laura Bainbridge @teawithwillow Water fights with Super Soakers (and the occasional Fairy Liquid bottle) and rollerblading! I wish I was that age again! 

Alison Chapman @alisonchapman Lying in bed with the curtains drawn, listening to birds singing yet tired from a day of play and still not wanting to sleep

Becky B @MrsBeBe_ Having water fights with empty washing up liquid bottles, making tents with a sheet over the washing line, jubbly lollies :)

Jo Berry @movies4kids Strawberry Mivvi ice creams and eating Arctic Roll in a suffocating red Wendy house #retrosummer

Natasha @nlakic Looking fresh and summery!

Lucylastica1 @Lucylastica2 Playing swingball & running through a hosepipe tied over the top of the swing like a shower to cool

Anne-Marie Nixey @Qingart Old washing up liquid bottles filled with water! Miss getting my sister with those!

Christian Howes @drcasio Strawberry Mivvis falling off sticks

Ciara @DitaFlorita Having permanent cuts on the inside of my mouth from Mr Freeze ice pops!

Becky Chick @HarleyQuinn_Lon Crabbing with my cousins & sister. Water fights. Barbecues. Flirting with boys at the Lido. #retrosummer

Claire Crawford @crawford_claire Frozen quenchie cups, Coca Cola yoyos, jellybean sandals & bags, streamers on bike handles, spokies, beer bottle tops on shoes

Thank you everyone for your #retrosummer thoughts. Please do comment on this blog and tell me about your retro summers!

Love Lovely