I see so many amazing stylish products from fashion to furniture from beauty to books (and some dreadful ones too...) during my working week as a style journalist and as MD of Lovely's Vintage Emporium that I have decided to share some of them once in a while on this blog - the last 'vintage-ish finds of the week' blog covered a myriad of finds from a photography book on old Hollywood stars on their bikes to a 'patriotic' bra... 

Here are a few of my recent favourite vintage-ish finds:



In 1989 the only person I knew with a mobile phone was my then-boyfriend who was ten years older than me and ran a chain of successful fashion stores. We used to lug a huge battery around with us to keep the phone fully charged. I personally do not want a huge phone again but these by Shisa Labs look cool. They come in Classic White, Neon Blue, Neon Green or Hot Pink. It isn't just a novelty item as you can receive and make calls. It is a massive 13in tall and will be available in July from two websites Kickstarter and Shisa Labs for $99.


Metal bust- Clare Whitt, Photography Shuhei Shine, Digital Deluxx

Clare Whittingham describes herself as: 'welding maverick, artist, designer and comic book collector.' Take a look at her Facebook page as it has lots more images of her work. She is a welder who also makes jewellery, headpieces, clothes (body armour more like...) and more besides. Her pieces look amazing in photo shoots for alternative magazines. Who wouldn't want to wear a metal crown? I am totally obsessed by her work. Many of her creations are then destroyed by her as 'I like to recycle'. If you wish to purchase pieces from her she does have a shop on Etsy. Click on link here.


Tomorrow (June 15th) marks the 50th anniversary for the Brazilian footwear brand. Who knew the humble rubber flip-flop had been around since 1962. Apparently 94% of Brazilians currently or in the past have had a pair of Havaianas and in the last fifty years they have sold 4 billion pairs. Wish my family owned that business! Have a very happy birthday Havaianas. 

PS: Someone has just sent me a message saying John Lewis are giving free mini-pedicures (using Mavala polish) with every Havaianas purchase.

I hope you enjoyed my round-up! Please do comment on this blog as I do love to read your feedback.

Love Lovely x