I often get asked if my house is full of vintage homewares, so today's blog will be the first in an occasional series of blogs looking at some of the items I do have scattered around my home. 

One of my favourite rooms in the house is our bedroom, as we have a fireplace, and I especially love the mantelpiece (see image below) where I randomly placed various items when we moved and they are still there now.

Left to right are as follows:

Framed photograph (picture below)

I bought this from the photographer and interiors journalist Barbara Chandler in 1992 when she had a stall in Portobello Market. I had just left university and moved to London and I happened to be wandering around the market one day. I had no money but just fell in love with this photograph on her stall. Barbara could obviously tell I was smitten with it so even though she had never met me before she said I could pay for it in instalments. She let me take it away and I sent her a cheque every month for six months. Amazing that she was so trusting. It is a black and white photograph Barbara took of an elderly lady at a classical music concert in Warsaw and the frame is walnut. It is one of my most treasured items and it has taken pride of place in my bedroom in every flat/house I have lived in (and there have been many around the world) for the last twenty years.

Stone Owl (picture above)

My husband bought me this in January this year, as a surprise, when we were on a trip to South Africa. It was made by a Zulu lady and is incredibly heavy. I am obsessed with owls (hence the Lovely's Vintage Emporium logo) and this one is just adorable. Not vintage but it looks like it could be. I adore the pattern on his tummy and his long beak.

Peacock Mirror (picture below)

This is a very large mirror (it is 20in x 30in) from the 1970's and has a striking peacock and floral pattern painted on it. It has 'Marsel Mirror Brooklyn New York Style 2030-k' stamped on the back. I have done some research and discovered that Marsel Mirror & Glass Products is a US company started in 1947 and is still in business today. I don't mind that the glass is now tarnished and has a goldish-sheen to it as it adds to the character. I bought it from an American website and had it shipped over - the things you do for items you fall in love with...

Owl Cushion (picture below)

This owl cushion is covered in a 1950s fabric and I purchased it from a stall at the Vintage at Southbank Centre festival last summer. Twit-a-woo.

Framed Print (picture above)

This print of a boy with his donkey was an eBay find a few years ago. I know it is bonkers and kitsch but my heart belongs to him. It is signed Helen Mackenzie. She died in 1966 so I am not sure when this was painted but clearly in the 1950s or 1960s.

Do you have any vintage homewares that you treasure? Do comment on this blog and tell me about them as I do love to hear from you.

Love Lovely x