I have wanted to blog for a while about my grandparents, paternal and maternal, and aunts and what they wore way back when. Here are some of my favourite photographs. How I wish they had kept their wardrobes and handed them down to me...

Above: Maternal grandparents - this was taken in the 1960s so check out my grandmother's cute straw hat with a huge silk ribbon at the front plus her matching necklace and brooch. The coat was pale blue silk if I remember correctly.

Above: Paternal grandparents - this was taken in the 1930s when they were working in their garden hence their more casual clothes. I do love my grandmother's floral dress though.

Paternal grandmother in the white hat in the 1940s

Paternal uncle and aunt in the 1960s, note how my aunt has just done up the top button of her cardigan. She still has good legs even now...

Do let me know about your favourite family photographs.

Love Lovely x