I have recently discovered that a lady called Mrs Margaret Evans from Aberystwyth collected 17,000 items of vintage in her lifetime. 

What have I been doing with my life? I only have about 1,000 and my husband tells me off for that! 

Margaret was a magistrate and she died in 1996 aged 74. Since her death the council-run Ceredigion Museum has housed all her many pieces but now it is being broken up with a large portion of it going to the National Trust.

Above: Margaret Evans

Her local paper said: 'She was an avid collector who started amassing her extensive range of items, dating from 1880 to 1980, when she was aged eight. She was especially attracted to women's clothes and accessories. There are thousands of dresses, from ball gowns to mini-skirts, and hundreds of hats and pairs of shoes, jewellery, children's clothes, men's suits, Army uniforms, handbags, umbrellas, pieces of furniture and books.'

When she was alive Mrs Evans displayed some of her hoard in a room above the town's railway station for 20 years, and it was known locally as Aberystwyth Yesterday. She sounds like a 'local character' and I feel sure I would have loved her if I had met her. 

Amongst her 17,000 items were 3,000 dresses, 300 t-shirts and 400 pairs of shoes...

If you want to see some of her collection they will be shown at the following locations: National Trust property in Llanerchaeron, near Aberaeron; Theatr Felinfach near Lampeter; Swansea Museum; St Fagans National History Museum in Cardiff.

Above: a small selection of her collection
Do any of you have a huge collection of vintage or perhaps you collect something else? Let me know as I do love to hear from you. Please comment in the comments section of this blog below.

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