I am a little bit jealous of Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale. Firstly for owning a vintage 1969 mustard yellow caravan. Secondly for coming up with the idea of travelling the country taking pictures and then displaying them in their caravan-turned-travelling-art-gallery. Genius.

Oh and their photographs have been recently published in their third book...

Take a look below at the picture of their 'The Caravan Gallery'.


Their third book is called 'Is Britain Great? 3' - the shots inside are thought-provoking about how Britain is in this modern age. Think pigeons having cream tea, second hand car dealer yards and grafitti. You get the picture. I personally love this kind of 'art' but we all have different taste.

Basically Jan and Chris roll up somewhere in their cool caravan (which only cost them £250) and take a few shots of where they are - then they get the pics developed and exhibit them in said caravan for people to see.

"We take it to places galleries can't reach and get all kinds of visitors," Jan told her local newspaper. "If we're at an art event we'll have artists and curators coming in, but we might also be at shopping centres or festivals. A lot of people come in out of curiosity and end up staying. Some come in just because they like caravans."

Designer Paul Smith is a fan which makes sense as he always champions anything quirky and British. He even shipped the caravan to Japan and parked it outside one of his shops...it is back now so watch out for it coming to a funny little town near you.

Their book is available on Amazon and from their own website. 



Do any of you have a caravan? Do anything quirky with it? Do email me some pictures and comment below. I love to read your comments.

Love Lovely x

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