Hilary Devey has her shoulder pads at the ready for a new career in the fashion industry

There is something about Hilary. 

From her 1980s power-dressing look to her self-made millions I like the fact she is part-retro, part modern woman. For full disclosure I should point out that we have the same agent STH Management but we haven't met.

I first saw her on Channel 4's show The Secret Millionaire in September 2008 and found her fascinating. How many other female haulage experts from Bolton are there who turn over £100million a year and live in a huge mansion? Then of course she joined Dragons' Den and is now well on her way to becoming a national treasure. 

Plus, look out for her this month on Outside The Den a BBC show all about how she built up her empire.

She has has now set her sights on a career in fashion after designing the trademark white jacket with the big shoulders that she wore in the Den (she recently sold it for £15,000 at a Children In Need auction). 

This week she said: "Fashion is my passion, although it may not be to everyone's taste. I'd love to design my own range."

I would love to see her in our 1980s Versace Pink Blazer (below) 

I am looking forward to seeing some fashion designs from the House of Devey...if they aren't full on glamour, bling and shoulder-padded then I for one will be very disappointed. In my mind she is the Joan Collins of 2011...

There really is something about Hilary.

Love Lovely x