If you are not in beauty industry then you may not know who Roja Dove the perfumer and fragrance expert is. I first encountered him about twelve years ago when I was Editor of a magazine called Cosmopolitan Hair & Beauty and he was working for Guerlain and then we worked closely together when I became Beauty Director of Eve magazine. 

I was originally invited by the then PR for Guerlain to a fragrance workshop, hosted by Roja, which I presumed would just be a plug for Guerlain fragrances. I went and was wowed by his knowledge. If you are a UK beauty journalist and you need to interview someone about fragrance then Roja is the go-to-guy. He is someone who brings perfume alive and his passion is infectious. 

He is a perfumer like no other - actually that isn't quite true as I also hugely respect Michael Edwards whom I met when I worked in Australia for Vogue Australia and New Woman Australia. To find out more about him too here is his website http://www.fragrancesoftheworld.com/

Anyway back to Roja. He has just launched the Roja Dove Scent Selector which claims to be the world's first fragrance iPhone app. To use the app you type in a fragrance name (or scan a fragrance's barcode) and it then tells you how Roja categorises the fragrance, he describes the odour and he recommends other fragrances to try. There are 1000 fragrances on the app at the moment with more to follow.

It is available from the iTunes app store for £2.99.



Have you tried this app or do you use any other fragrances apps? Do let me know.

Love Lovely x