The fabulous @MillieKendall (her of the very fine make-up range that was Ruby & Millie - you can read her blog and I were Tweeting (my Twitter names are @LovelysVintage and @lovelyislovely1) and she wondered if the spray in hair lightener Sun-In was still available. I sent her the link to it on the Boots website (the PR recently sent me some so I knew it was still out there) and it got me thinking about other iconic beauty brands that were big in the 1980s.

Sun-In Super Spray In Hair Lightener, 150ml, £5.77 from Boots

Sun-In was a must-have at school no matter your hair colour. We all sprayed it in to make our hair go blonder and blonder - the girls wanted to look like Princess Diana and the boys John Taylor the bassist from Duran Duran. The truth is though that it just made all of us have funny orange/ginger hair. Not a good look. I do hope the formula now is improved as no one ever seemed to actually go blonde back then. If you want to buy some now here is the link: Sun-In

I was also a BIG fan of the eau de cologne Jovan Sex Appeal by Jovan that my first ever boyfriend Gavin wore when I was 16. The less said about that memory the better although I will reveal he had a perm, hairy chest and drove a very fast black Italian sports car...oh yes. I of course was always seen wearing white shoes (which I used to frequently Tippex to get rid of stains) and a white mini skirt. To buy some Jovan now here is the link: Jovan Sex Appeal

Jovan Sex Appeal by Jovan Eau de Cologne Spray 88ml, £7.95 from Amazon

I didn't have one fragrance of choice but used to mix and match - see, even as a teenager I was into beauty. The three I used to wear the most were Obsession by Calvin Klein, Opium by Yves Saint Laurent and Samsara by Guerlain. I could afford them as I worked in Chelsea Girl (now called River Island) on a Saturday and I used to always ask for for fragrance as a present at Christmas and on my birthday. 


I was also modelling from age 16-19 and clients would often give models then clothes or beauty products instead of money. Does that still happen now with smaller brands? When I used to do bigger modelling jobs like for Benetton then I would get paid in real money and I would feel really rich for one day - until I spent it all...anyway I am digressing away from beauty products.

My hair would always be tied back with a scrunchie and have lots of gel in it. I found this similar pink scrunchie available to buy here: Scrunchie

Glitzy Clips Pink Metallic Scrunchie, £1.50

Last but definitely not least my absolute must-have product was blue eyeliner. I wore lots and lots of it even though my eyes are brown. My favourite shade was one by Revlon. Sadly I cannot remember the name. But my aim was to look like the actress Melanie Griffith (and to date the Miami Vice actor Don Johnson, who she married twice I think).

Do let me know your favourite beauty products from the 1980s. As always I love to read your comments.

Love Lovely x