I get lots of PR emails and lots of invites to press events so when an email arrived from the British Airways press office it was 'so far, so normal' - until I read it. 

They are hosting a breakfast next week for just FIVE of us journalists to meet the legendary Wayne Hemingway. He is a fashion designer and the man behind Vintage at Goodwood last year and Vintage at Southbank this year.

Me at Vintage at Goodwood last summer (below)

Anyway, back to the breakfast: British Airways are involved in Wayne Hemingway's Vintage at The Southbank Centre, where they will be doing a catwalk show of their uniforms over the last 100 years. (see: www.vintageatsouthbankcentre.co.uk)  So at the breakfast there will be five crew members from BA past and present and it will be fascinating to talk to them - there will be one that joined BA in the 1960's, one in the 1970's, one from the 1980's, one from the 1990's and a current crew member. I will do a much longer blog after the breakfast as the crew will be bringing their past photo's, uniforms, artefacts and vintage posters.

In the meantime the BA press office have let me have a sneak peek of two photographs from their archives. See below.

1970s BOAC Paper Dress (above) and Sindy wearing it (below, middle)

Sindy (the UK version of Barbie) was born in 1962 and above is Sindy in three retro uniforms from 50s to 70s of British Airways' air hostesses. Left to right: 1950s doll wearing the BEA uniform; 1960s Sindy wearing shift dress worn by BOAC hostesses in 1967 (flights between New York to the Caribbean); 1970s doll in the BEA uniform (before merger of BEA and BOAC). Thanks to @luvfashionista on Twitter for Sindy information.

Concorde uniform (below)

Love Lovely x