I have a lot of love for Balmain the design house and my favourite pair of black trousers (I have many, many pairs by various brands like most British girls do!) are Balmain - they are made from black wool and are long of leg with black silk ribbon down the outside of each leg. 

Now I have double excitement as BALMAIN HAIR, a range of beauty products for your tresses have just been launched. These are luxury products, obviously and initially there will be eight of them...look and lust! This range is called Système Volume for Hair.

In their own words: "Système Volume has been created specifically to create more volume for hair, by nourishing the hair from the inside out, with a complex formula of Silk Protein, herbs and vitamins to create extra volume and shine. Système Volume hosts two exclusive hair care lines, Nutrition Intense for treated, normal hair and Hydrant for fine hair. Both ranges have been specially developed to be hypoallergenic with gentle formulas to stimulate the natural growth of hair and neutralise the damaging effects of heat and sunlight."


The four products within this luxury range are:

Shampoing Nutrition Intense £37.00 250ml

Gentle cleansing shampoo for treated, normal hair that’s light and helps conditioning. Contains Camomile to protect hair colour and Comfrey to maintain a healthy scalp, plus Glycerine to improve hair condition and silk protein to create soft, shiny hair.

Crème Nutrition Intense £37.00 250ml

Concentrated Conditioning treatment for treated, normal hair with a creamy texture to help revitalise hair. This luxury conditioner contains Camomile to protect hair colour and comfrey to maintain a healthy scalp. Glycerine and silk proteins improve the condition of the hair making it soft and shiny.

Masque Nutrition Intense £39.00 250ml

A rich, silky texture that gently nourishes normal, treated hair. Packed with a combination of Green Tea and Hop Extract protects the hair and scalp while Glycerine improves the moisture balance of the hair. Silk proteins make the hair soft and shiny.

Spray Protecture Nourissant £29.00 50ml

Optimal shine and daily protection for treated, normal hair, this finishing spray contains Jojoba Oil to bring back hair’s natural shine with Shellac to add protection and seal cuticles.


The three products within this luxury range are:

Shampoing Hydrant

Lotus, Freesia, Cyclamen, Melon Peony, Carnation, Lily, Lily of the Valley Cedar, Musk, Amber Sandal

£39.00 250ml

Intensely revitalising cleanser for fine hair that is both mild and cleansing. A combination of Glycerine, Camomile, Nettle and Green Tea add moisture and help improve the hair’s moisture-binding capacity. Silk protein leaves the hair soft and shiny.

Crème Hydrant £39.00 250ml

Weightless conditioning treatment for fine hair that gently hydrates. Sage and Hops extract help stimulate hair growth and help create volume. Jojoba Oil and silk protein are added to help create soft, shiny hair.

Spray Vitaminè Hydratant £29.00 50ml

Ultra-light, vitamin hydration spray for fine hair which helps create a perfect moisture balance. A dynamically effective blend of vitamins C, E and B to make the scalp and hair healthy, plus Saw Palmetto and Elderberry to stimulate growth. Biotin assists in strengthening the hair.

Both ranges are safe for use on hair extensions and environmentally friendly. To find out more visit www.balmainhair.com and are available from exclusive hairdressers and flagship stores throughout the UK.

Love Lovely x