Generally cars and the way the look is not something that rocks my world (Although I did own a silver Audi TT Roadster for 18 months that killed my bank account but attracted cute boys...) BUT when I was sent these exclusive PR pictures of the MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD I did get a funny feeling in my belly. Can you see why?

MINI launched this little gem at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last weekend – it is like a supercar but with that iconic MINI design. It is a special-edition model and was built with the Rolls Royce design team - which sounds good to me as I remember that Diana Dors had a powder blue Rolls Royce... 

What I really really LOVE though is that it has a cashmere roof lining!! Not just for cosy sweaters then but now in a car too, how fabulous. 

Plus the foot mats are apparently made from deep-pile lambswool - you could do some loving in this car (OK, forget I just wrote that - I went all Barry White on you then.) The interior colour is called Corn Silk which sounds like a shade of foundation or face powder to me, but that will be because I am a fashion and beauty journalist and not a motoring one!

If you understand the technical stuff and are interested, then here it is. "The MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD is the most efficient engine in its displacement class, powered by a l.6-litre 135 kW/184 bhp four-cylinder engine with Twin Scroll turbocharger, direct petrol injection and variable valve control."

There will only be 1000 of them made and it is £41,000 (order it now and you should have in by March 2012). 

Now for the important bit. Colour. It comes in Diamond Black metallic or Reef Blue metallic.

Beat you to the front of the queue...and I will have one in each shade, please.

Love Lovely x