Wimbledon must-have? Anita Active Extreme Control Sports Bra

I 'chat' regularly on Twitter with the very friendly @wendyprgenie and today was all about sports bras...hey, we are girls this is what we chew the fat over... 

Any woman who has played five hard sets of tennis will know that without a sports bra you are doomed to pain and lots and lots of unnecessary bounce. 

Same applies to jogging, the gym, horse riding...heck, just moving really is much easier if your breasts are encased in some kind of support.

Most sports bras I try on are a little bit ummm 'functional' and what I really want is something that stops me bruising my eyes when I jig around PLUS looks good too. 

Too much to ask? 

These sports bras by brand Anita Active seem to fit my bill on both fronts - wearability and good looks. Plus, there are four styles, which are for different impact levels of different sports. 

Wonder if they make one for dog walking?

Above is the Extreme Control in Black for £41, it also comes in White (see below) and Metallic and is in sizes B-H in the cups and 32-46in. 

For stockists call 020 8446 7478. The fabric and netting are made in such a way to keep skin dry when exercising, the cups are seamless and have a towelling inner for extra support and the back is made from breathable mesh.

Breast are made up of fatty tissue, not muscle. Because of this, once damaged or stretched, exercise cannot help regain original firmness and condition. 

Sports scientist Dr Joanna Scurr from the University of Portsmouth says that a supporting sports bra prevents 'bouncing', and therefore stretching, of the sensitive breast tissue by 74 per cent, while a normal bra only compensates by 38 per cent. 

We should all be wearing sports bras for activities like tennis - plus of course none of us want our breasts around our waists by the time we hit retirement age...

Love Lovely x