This is such a heart-warming story.

Agnes Anderson who is the grand old age of 98 and from a place called Laketon Township in America took a walk down the aisle again last month wearing her wedding dress that she FIRST wore in 1938! This time she was wearing it for a vintage bridal gown fashion show for her local church. 

She wore it originally when she married her college sweetheart, a chap called Delmar Anderson, all those years ago. Can you believe she has kept her wedding dress for 73 years?

Courtesy of Kristi Fulton

Agnes Anderson is escorted by her son, Dick Anderson, down the aisle of Samuel Lutheran Church during the church's vintage bridal gown fashion show

The dress is ivory-white and made from satin and lace and comes complete with veil and train. Agnes bought it originally from her town's department store and it has been kept in a box with tissues since 1938. 

I would love to see her dress as I would imagine it is beautifully made.

Agnes was married for 50 years so the dress clearly brought her lots of love. 

She said: "We were married for nearly 51 wonderful years until his death in 1989 and all the granddaughters had tried it on during the years when they played dress up. The lace and everything was just perfect. We were amazed. I never had it out, but pulling out the gown, you relive those moments, all those times. I can't complain. I've had a very, very happy life." 

I just had to share this story and picture with you all.

Love Lovely x