Once upon a time in the 1950s a beautiful young couture model, let's call her Nancy, decided that if one day she could afford some couture of her own then the first item she would purchase would be a hat for Royal Ascot. 

Moving forward to the 1970s and Nancy was now married to a businessman, had a few beautiful children and homes in both the city and the countryside. When she was invited to the Royal Enclosure at Ascot she knew instantly what she would do.

Above is the (now vintage) couture hat that Nancy had made for her. It is exquisite. She wore it just once, to Royal Ascot of course, and loved every minute of wearing it. She has protected it since then in its original hat box. She has now passed it to Lovely's Vintage Emporium then someone else can enjoy it.


To buy this hat click on this link: 1970s Couture Hat

Love Lovely (and Nancy) x