Photo: BBC archive

When Princess Anne, the Queen's only daughter, married the very dashing Mark Phillips an army lieutenant in 1973 it was estimated that 500 million people watched it on TV around the world.

For the nuptials of Catherine Middleton to Prince William tomorrow an estimated 2 billion people will tune pressure there then Kate! But will Kate be wearing McQueen, Oldfield or her own design...

I have no memory of watching Princess Anne's wedding in 1973 - probably because as you can see in this picture from said year my little brother and I were exactly that - very little.

Photo: Taken by Lovely's Dad: John Peck

Princess Anne wore a dress with a high collar, medieval style sleeves and it was embroidered in 'Tudor-style' whatever that meant. We musn't forget her groom who wore his regiment's uniform, the full scarlet and blues from the Queen's Dragoon Guards.

Lovely on the other hand was wearing a paisley mini dress with big white collar that year and Lovely's brother is in a hand-knitted (by Nana) bright orange jumper (you will have to take my word for that).

Don't you just love old family pictures? Please do send me your own favourite shots of you in dodgy childhood clothing, now vintage, when you comment on this blog!

PS: Just been sent this amazing shot by my Twitter friend @peterpastry of his 1974 wedding - check out his bride's hat!

Love Lovely x