Today I am wearing a cream crocheted poncho from the 1960s (see below) over a black 1970s maxi dress - plus more recent gold Le Coq Sportif trainers (ignore the horrible carpet on the shoe shot as I was on a train...). My poncho was sourced from a friend who is a gardening editor for a magazine and it belonged to her mother originally. I fully intended on shooting it and uploading it to this website to sell but I somehow couldn't bear to part with it and now it is a part of me. I am sure her late mother would approve.

The reason for my 'comfort dressing' today, and poncho's are the ultimate in easy, is that I was on a magazine beauty shoot. This generally involves standing up for ten hours fiddling around with a model (oops, that sounded dirty) or beauty products. Shoots are creatively fun but physically demanding and the last thing I needed today was to think too much about my clothes. They had to move with me as I charged around the studio.

Poncho's are the perfect wardrobe solution for spring as they do keep you warm, but not too warm. When I was little I had two of them:  a red/white one and a blue/white one with matching little handbag wicker baskets. I was a mini-fashionista in the making! They are also perfect for us curvy gals as they do cover all manner of sins...

Send me your shots/stories of your vintage poncho's - if you dare admit to being a fellow wearer.

In the meantime if you love crochet, how about this cream day dress with crocheted neckline

Love Lovely x