It is actress Penelope Keith's birthday today and she turned 71! Happy birthday Ms Keith...but to me she will always be the snooty but fabulously well-dressed suburban goddess Margo Leadbetter in the 1970s sitcom The Good Life

The series ran for thirty episodes only from 1975-1978 and throughout Margo wore one bright maxi dress after another teamed with turbans, huge corsages plus accompanied by a cigarette and gin. She was simply the ultimate 1970s style icon.

I seem to have been so influenced (even though it was the 1980s when I actually saw the series on repeat) by her look that I now regularly dress like her. Don't judge me too harshly....even Kate Moss rocks the look...

If you want to channel Margo's look but in a totally modern way then check out these dresses I have on

Love Lovely x