The launch of this website yesterday at 6.28pm was quite frankly overwhelming. My feed on the Twitterverse @LovelysVintage went crazy, Facebook imploded and LinkedIn congratulated me sedately like an elderly aunt.

The launch was blogged about by Kellie Hill in her own inimitable way…take a look I think I have converted her to the joys of vintage!

Lets see if Kellie really does buy that green hat


Naomi Thompson from Vintage Secret, and herself a vintage expert wrote a beautiful blog post about the launch and focused on my inspirations: Here is Naomi looking very divine.

BUT then this bit of launch day brought a tear to my eye when Neandra Etienne @LuvFashionista on Twitter posted this:


She is a Cindy expert and made this one in homage to my launch. Wowzers.

Thanks all for making launch day for so special.

Love Lovely x