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STYLE ME VINTAGE: 1940s by Liz Tregenza

This new book from the Style Me Vintage range is this time about the 1940s and features beautiful and accessible looks and how to source and put together 1940s style outfits. It covers clothes, make-up, hairstyles and accessories.

We will do a full review once the book arrives at www.lovelysvintageemporium.com headquarters! In the meantime here are the words of the book publisher.

Have you ever wanted to dress like a 40s Hollywood starlet? Or wondered how to execute the perfect Victory roll? Have you ever marvelled at how women kept themselves looking beautiful during wartime? From wartime austerity to Hollywood glamour, in Style Me Vintage: 1940s, fashion historian and vintage expert Liz Tregenza delves deep into the style and fashion of the decade to answer all your questions. Interesting historical snippets, lovingly illustrated with vintage photographs – some featuring Liz’s Nan as a young woman in a 1940s London – are mixed in with useful and easy-to-master styling tips and specially commissioned fashion photography. Liz shows you how to dress in original 40s garments, how to try out the style with later reproductions or just add a touch of authentic 40s to your outfit. Sections on hair, make-up and accessories show you how to finish off your 1940s look to perfection. Whether you want to dress for a 40s soirée, the beach, or even your wedding, from underwear to outerwear, from cosmetics to accessories, the tips are all here.

About the author: Liz Tregenza is a vintage fashion specialist and historian, and graduated in 2014 with a Masters in Design History from the RCA. Liz co-curated her first museum show at the age of 20 and has since contributed to a number of books and research papers. 

Style Me Vintage: 1940s by Liz Tregenza 

RRP £14.99 Published by Pavilion, April 2015

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Rare screen tests of Audrey Hepburn in 1952 via BFI

The BFI (British Film Institute) says this about this rare footage of Audrey Hepburn doing screen tests in 1952.

"These are probably the earliest colour pictures of Audrey Hepburn, seen here in three different screen-test situations, playing an assistant in a draper's shop. Although she had already appeared in a small number of films, these tests were taken before she went to Hollywood and rocketed to fame in Roman Holiday. Her personality shines through, even though we cannot hear her voice. The multiple takes of each scene may seem identical at first, but they contain subtle variations in mood. The film was taken with Dufaychrome film stock, a British attempt at a Technicolor-like process, which gives these scenes an unusual sheen. The film for which these test takes were shot would never be made - perhaps the world wasn't ready to see the future icon looking a bit green."


Henry Cass


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