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What’s Another Year? 

Happy 60th Birthday to the Eurovision Song Contest 

It’s one of the longest running TV shows in the world and has been running since May 1956.  LEGO has marked the 60th contest with a cute video birthday card to celebrate as we countdown to the 2015 final in Vienna this weekend.  The Eurovision Song Contest has featured over 1400 songs in six decades and attracts an average audience of 180 million viewers each year.  

Here’s LEGO's animation: https://youtu.be/GGxdgKFQTz4

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A beautiful jacket and skirt worn by actress Vivien Leigh in the film Gone With The Wind  from 1939 has been sold at auction for £92,000. The outfit was originally bought by collector and former hair and makeup artist for Universal Studios James Tumblin for just £13 from a costume company in the Sixties. 

The grey jacket and skirt covered with black appliqué (it was originally blue but has faded over time) was sold in Beverly Hills, USA - the auction also sold over 150 other pieces from Gone With The Wind. 

The jacket and skirt was worn by Vivien Leigh throughout the film when she played the now infamous character Scarlett O'Hara.  

"I saw this dress on the floor and was told not to bother to pick it up, because they were throwing it away," said Tumblin. "I asked if he would sell it to me as I had noticed there was a printed label saying 'Selznick International Pictures' and 'Scarlett production dress' was written in ink." The moral of this story is always read the label...

Have you ever come across any amazing finds that turned out to be worth a fortune?

Love Lovely x 

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