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Radio Times issues from 1923-2009 to be online

Today for the first time all the listings from 4,469 Radio Times magazines from 1923 to 2009 are online for the public to view, courtesy of the BBC's Genome Project.

Above: photograph courtesy of the BBC, Radio Times Dr Who issue from 1965

You can find them on the website http://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk where you can look at every page in every edition of the Radio Times from 1923 onwards. You can either search by programme, the specific Radio Times Edition or the date.

So, for example you can find out that on the day JFK was assassinated (22/11/63) viewers of the BBC were also watching Dr Finlay's Casebook and that the first ever Blue Peter was on 16/10/58.

If members of the public have any copies or information too then they can also update the records on the website, plus the BBC are looking for any programmes that have been recorded that they don't have original copies of.

“It is highly likely that somewhere out there, in lofts, sheds and basements across the world many of these ‘missing’ programmes will have been recorded and kept by generations of TV and radio fans,” said Hilary Bishop, editor, archive development, BBC Archive and Jake Berger, programme manager, Digital Public Space. “So we’re hoping to use Genome as a way of bringing copies of those lost programmes back in to the BBC archives too.”

Love Lovely x

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During the 1960s and 1970s the Carpenters were a hit record making duo of brother and sister team Richard and Karen.

Happy 68th birthday today to Richard who was the record producer, arranger, composer, pianist, keyboardist, sometime lyricist, and composer for the Carpenters and him and Karen sang harmony vocals together. Sadly Karen passed away in 1983 but Richard continues on today.

Love Lovely x

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